Movie Stars (out of  four) The Review Capsule
Virus .5 Really bad movie. Big waste of time. It's like they remade a bad movie from last year (Deep Rising) although it wasn't a real remake, it was an original script based on a cartoon strip. Remakes aren't only for classics anymore
Varsity Blues 2  
In Dreams 2 I didn't mind this movie as much as many. I thought the plot was cool although poorly executed. Robert Downey Jr. was a good psycho.
She's All That 2.5  
Payback 3.5  
Blast From the Past 2.5  
My Favorite Martian 2  
October Sky 3  
Office Space 3.5  
200 Cigarettes 1  
The Other Sister .5  
8MM: Eight Millimeter 2  
Cruel Intentions 3  
Analyze This 3  
Wing Commander .5  
True Crime 3  
Forces of Nature 2  
Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels 4  
EDtv 3.5  
The Mod Squad 2  
The Matrix 3.5  
10 Things I Hate About You 2.5  
Go 3.5  
Never Been Kissed 2  
Cookie's Fortune 3  
Life 3  
20 Dates 3