A Simple Plan
by Shaun

       When illustrated as the background does snow make the environment ina movie seem more conspicuous, if mixed with money and murder it can. There is also a proof, watch the Coen's masterpiece "Fargo" and Sam Raimi's great achievement "A Simple Plan," then you will understand the meaning of a thriller. the characters portrayed in this movie can be anyone from a neighbor to yourself, that is the point, to prove that the average Joe can commit such heinous crimes, the logo "even good people do evil things" speaks for itself. The actors play their characters with such integrity and empathy that you can't help but reason with them and say "well I would've done that too," I couldn't believe that I was actually sympathizing with Billy Bob Thorton's character, but that's what makes this movie amazing. A Simple Plan teaches the most moral tale ever depicted on screen, it reaches beyond would you take 4 million dollars if you found it inside a wrecked plane.

       The movie starts out showing the factory of a chicken farm, that is where the work of Hank (Bill Paxton) takes place, he is thelucky guy who has a loving wife, a good paying job, and neighbors that respect him. What more can you ask for, except for a few millions. He goes home to reveal his pregnant wife Sarah (Bridget Fonda) whom greets him with a warm smile as any content wife would. This so fat is ordinary. Hank takes a shower and is picked up by his slow minded older brother Jacob (Billy Bob Thorton, who has his best role in his career), and a wild friend Lou (Brent Briscoe), their destination is to pay a visit to their father's grave. When they are done the plot slides in and Jacob's dog Mary - Beth has jumped out of his truck and into the woods, as they search for her a disabled plane appears before their eyes. They raid the plane only to find a sachet filled with 4.4 million dollars. In the beginning Hank is unsure and resistant unlike his two companions who think that this is better then the American dream. The plan is to sit on the money till spring, if no one claims it they divide it between them, if it were only so simple, predicaments so scary arise in the process that wrench your guts to liquid. Such grotesque and disturbing images put you right in the middle of the movie, but these scenes I cannot reveal for the are the foundation of the film.

       The actors are so perfect in their roles, especially Thorton's Jacob who deserves at least an Oscar nomination, he is a person who was deprived of girls and recognition, a tortured soul that gets by on merely Lou and Hank. In a scene where him and Hank are in the car talking, reminiscing about girls that dated Jacob in high school, Hank finally remembers one that actually went out with him, Jacob reveals that the girl was engaged in a bet that she can't go out with him for more then six weeks. This is an actor then can put you to tears, and he does, in that final scene in the forest.

       I can safely say that this is one of the best films of 1998 for many reasons, like it had wits and rose good points, I hold Fargo to be a superior film but this one is pretty damn close. It is relentless in letting you off the ride of crime and decisions that determine how the rest of your life will be. A truly great film.