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Dec.5, 1999- Joe has reviewed Toy Story 2. Shaun has reviewed The World is Not Enough and Liberty Heights.
November 26, 1999- End of Days has been reviewed by Shaun.
November 16, 1999- Updated my Weekend Predictions, added Shaun's review of Anywhere But Here and added an Awards section for the site. Sleepy Hollow is up too.

November 13, 1999- Dogma has been reviewed. Shaun has reviewed House on Haunted Hill.

November 11, 1999- Weekend Predictions are up. A review of The Insider will be up this weekend. A music special report will be up too next week.


November 4, 1999- Updated My Weekend Predictions.

November 2, 1999- Shaun has added Sleepy Hollow and Being John Malkovich.


Oct. 29, 1999- Shaun added reviews of The Straight Story and Body Shots.

Oct. 25, 1999- First Edition of The News is up. Check it out.

Oct. 24, 1999- Updated the Alt/ Rock Music Section. Give it a look.

Oct. 22, 1999- My review of Bringing Out The Dead is up.
Oct. 7, 1999- Added a search engine for your convenience.Tons of new movie reviews by Shaun. Look at the Latest Reviews section for the newest critiques.
Oct. 02, 1999- The site has changed looks a little for faster loading. Tell me what you think. My review of Three Kings is up. The latest reviews are in the latest review section. Shaun has written a whole bunch of reviews
including Double Jeopardy, Mumford and Bringing Out the Dead. Check them out.
September 21, 1999- Hurricane Floyd hit my computer. Reviews of American Beauty and Breakfast of Champions this week.

September 13, 1999- Blue Streak has been reviewed.
September 6,1999- The Thirteenth Warrior has been reviewed.
August 29, 1999- I wrote a review of The Astronaut's Wife.
August 26, 1999- I wrote an HSX column reviewing some of the fall trailers. Give it a look.

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Music Picks (updated weekly)
Filter- Title of Album- Featuring the awesome "Take a Picture" and the great "Welcome to the Fold". Frontman Richard Patrick is a genius. Buy it for $11.99. Beck- Midnite Vultures- This just came out and it's a major funkfest. It features the hit song "Sexx Laws". I love Beck and this is his most best album yet. Only $12.58 Korn- Issues- The new chart topper featuring the awesome "Falling Away From Me". It's on, KORN!



Movie Thing of the Day

Did you know there is a Braveheart 2 starring Steve Buscemi as William Wallace. No joke. You heard it here first. It has already been made and is supposed to be out on video. Look for it. I will be. Braveheart 2 at imdb.

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Latest Review: There Will Be Blood

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