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Black Mask
By: Shaun

Firstly I would like to start off with an apology, I am sorry that I will not be able to critique this film extensively and comprehensibly. This film was so horrendously bad, I had to flee the theatre from the appalling sights that I envisioned. It is without a doubt an abomination to the history of cinema, a repugnant piece of trash that should not be viewed by anyone who still has a functioning brain. With the recent eminence of martial arts films, and Jet Li's last movie "Lethal Weapon 4", I did not think this film can be so awful. Well I was so wrong and misled, all of the voices sound the same, the acting, dialogue, directing, and action scenes are some of the worst ever. This is a new low in film history, in Asia do they think we Americans are so dumb. For the first time ever, I left a film half way through it, so I will have to seriously brevity this review. Thank God I was able to salvage myself by going to the not so superior film "Trippin". Just forget it, I will not go into the plot, or anything else for that matter. I am just happy I left, it taught me a lesson, never go into an Asian Martial Arts film, ever! Well once again I'm sorry for not giving you the 411, but hey I will give you a tip. Stay away from this film at all costs.
From what I've seen…