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Blue Streak

Martin Lawrence .... Miles Logan
Luke Wilson .... Carlson
Peter Greene .... Deacon
David Chappelle .... Tulley
Carmen Argenziano .... Captain Penelli
William Forsythe .... Hardcastle

    After getting out of prison, a jewel thief (Martin Lawrence) goes to recover a $17 million diamond, which he hid two years earlier during a caper. The problem is that the building he hid it in is now a police station. While looking for the diamond, he must pretend to be a police officer or he won't be able to look for it.

    He is partnered with a rookie cop named Carlson (Luke Wilson). Martin's street smarts allow him to figure out his first case right away. At the same time an old friend Deacon(Peter Greene) from the caper is back to collect his share of the money. Lawrence hasn't even found the diamond yet.

    I guess for this movie to work all the cops have to be pretty nice and quite gullible. Lawrence gets in with relative ease. Some fake papers and he's automatically given the Lead Detective spot without an interview. It's all for the sake of comedy and that's alright with me because I found it very funny.

    Martin Lawrence is hilarious. His antics are just perfect for this movie. This is the ideal role for Martin Lawrence. It allows him free comedic range. This role is for Lawrence what Ace Ventura or Liar, Liar were for Jim Carrey. In every scene, Martin Lawrence has a good line. Lawrence is at the top of his game. With this movie and Life notched in his belt, Lawrence is an actor on the rise.

    Luke Wilson seemed like a natural rookie cop. His mix of book smarts with a minimum amount of street smarts. His learning process is sped up by the addition of Martin as his partner. Martin's street sensibilities rub off on him making him a better cop by the end.

    William Forsythe is very funny as the veteran Det. Hardcastle. He plays a cop who thinks he's ahead of the ball game. He too learns a lot from Lawrence. I think if Forsythe wasn't an actor he could definitely be a cop. With his hair slicked back and his deep voice, he looks just like the natural cop. Dave Chappelle is funny as usual playing Lawrence's partner in crime. The scenes with him and Lawrence are the best in the movie.

    While this movie is essentially a comedy, the action scenes definitely aren't anything to laugh at. The diamond caper is probably one of the five best action scenes in a movie this summer. Ranking with the scenes from Star Wars and Thomas Crown. The final scene in The Thomas Crown Affair is by far my favorite of the summer, sorry Star Wars fans.   

    This movie is the perfect mix of action comedy and even a story. Martin Lawrence is at his best. The action scenes are top notch. The script is clever and well thought out. The movie never loses sight of the story which happens often. All the loose ends are tied up. That makes me happy. The music fits right in, just like everything else in the movie.

    Director Les Mayfield, whose previous efforts were the rather pitiful Flubber and the classic Encino Man, has created a perfect atmosphere for the movie. The cast, setting and script all seem to be working together in harmony for one goal, a good movie. His direction is more subtle and definetly included allowing Martin Lawrence to improvise which is always a good idea. Keep the camera running when a funny man is on a roll. 

    One thing I didn't like about Blue Streak is the name. I understand it but I'm sure there is one that is better. If that's my only complaint then this movie is way ahead of the game. Blue Streak is the best comedy in months although Chill Factor was real funny in a pathetic bad one-liner not supposed to be funny kind of way. Don't see Chill Factor, ever, see Blue Streak.

Rating: 3 out of 4 stars/ 7.5 out of 10/ B+
Reviewed by: Joe Soria
Running Time: 93 minutes
Rated PG-13 for langauge and violence

Previews: The Messenger, Stuart Little, Sleepy Hollow.

The Best: Well it's not Stuart Little. Can you believe the writer/director of The Sixth Sense co-wrote this movie? Must have needed a lot of money. The Messenger isn't a great preview but it's a good teaser. I mean there are no scenes from the actual film but that doesn't matter right. We just want to see the title of the movie anyway. It's the best f the bunch.


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