Welcome The Steve Buscemi Fan Club webpage. I'd like to welcome all the new fans and thank all the old. It's the fans that keep an actor acting. By seeing movies with Steve in them we tell producers "WE WANT STEVE" which we do. Comments and ideas... CLICK HERE.
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April 15, 2001- I just got back from Europe and immediately started crying upon this information. Steve has been stabbed multiple times (3 times... the head, the neck, and the arm) but he is supposed to be on set of this John Travolta movie by next week. A John Travolta movie, yuch? He made Bruce Willis' Armageddon watchable hopefully will do the same thing for this one. Check out the story at CNN. Vince Vaughn, that trouble maker. He's now been lowered on my list of favorite actors. 



What's comin up and What I'd like to see.

I went to see 54 and Why Do Fools Fall In Love today and what do i see has ended up on the wall. DUN DUN DUHHHHH- a poster for THE IMPOSTERS. Even though he wasn't on the poster ( Oliver Platt and Stanley Tucci were). His name was listed like 5th out of 20. Also Louis et Frank. I don't know what's going on but I know it showed up at a couple of festivals. I hoping for a full Steve pic. What I mean is written directed and starring our boy Steve. Who wouldn't want to see it I know I do. Also some kind of comedy starring Steve. Not a dumb action movie which is lame but every scene Steve is in is awesome. A movie like there's something about mary, raw humor. You know what I mean. Steve needs a good starring role right now in my mind. I think someone is ging to give it to him. That's all for now I'm out to the OUTBACK even though I'm a vegetarian my parents respect nothing. I HATE THEM.

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