The Rage: Carrie 2

By: Shaun

I’ll start of by saying that this film’s water is lukewarm, neither hot or cold, an average teen horror movie with one element lacking, the horror. This film had no brains or acting talent, the improvisations from the original 1976 horror classic Carrie are worthless and unoriginal, rather then it being repetitive this film attempts to bring a whole new story line with the same concept, girl with telekinesis is in a phase of teen adolescence tries to cope with her paranormal handicap, but in this case the new Carrie, Rachel (Emily Bergl) gives a performance that is as unconvincing as Bill Clinton’s testimony. She looks pretty, unlike the original Carrie (Sissy Spacek ), she does not look so much abused or disliked, and on a factual level is not nearly as demure as Spacek was. The class was not so much against her, she did not look like she had motivation to unleash such horror onto fellow peers, the prank played on her is no where near as bad as was the original, I am sure my amateurish 10 year old brother could have made the film more motivational. It is like hitting someone in a cafeteria and the victim you hit goes off and uses abnormal powers to ill everyone there, the reason for this transaction, I have no clue, ask the writers , if they are sober enough. The original Carrie was sensual and got us involved in all the lead character’s affairs, from her over spiritual mother, to the oppression from the other classmates, being taunted every day, getting tampons thrown at you when you first witness your period. A scene in this film s like this "OH NO! She’s dead, I would show some feelings or words of remorse or condolences but I can’t because the dialogue in this film is about ten pages!". What the film did have working for them was the gory ending, and the cinematography of black and white scenes with the picture being stretched out and shortened, the visual effects were also great as were the looks of cleavage from dome of the teen girls.

Well this Rachel girl has a best friend, or more like an only friend named Lisa, Lisa gets deflowered by someone and is really excited, when she tells Rachel the joy grows. As the day proceeds she goes up to the school roof and plummets to her death, suicide. We learn beforehand that the players on the football team have a little game going on besides that sport, it is a competition of who could sleep with the most girls, they use the point method of looks, the worse the girls looks, the more points. After they get their lay the guys break up with the girls and tell them they meant nothing to them, ok this is a good way so far to start of a sequel to a classic movie (sarcasm guys).

Yup, you guessed it, next objects begin to move it break, Rachel does not understand why all this is happening and gets frustrated, confused and paranoid. One guy that actually likes her, has true feelings for her rebellious ways and does not just like her because he knows that if he bangs her his points will go off the roof, because she claims she is a lesbian but only because she does not want to get fall in love. The guy’s name is Jesse (Jeremy London), he is one of the most popular boys in school and coincidentally ends up having coffee with Rachel and engages into conversations with her. Their relationship is sweet and a little fantasy like, but it is enjoyable, even when there is no dialogue.

Sue Snell (Amy Irving) is the only survivor from the original Carries massacre, she is the one who tried to get Carrie popular and hooks her up with her boyfriend, Sue was just a little insane back then but now she in calm and treats kids as the schools psychiatrist. Once she sees Rachel’s ability to move obstacles with her mind little flashbacks from the original Carrie are screened, and Sue becomes frightened because what she feared of happening again is becoming a reality.

Rachel’s mom is in a sanitary for believing that her little girl is possessed by the devil and is looked up for attempting to perform a ritual involving fire and endangering a little girl’s life, her little girl. Now the secret of how Rachel has these powers I will not reveal, they are not very original or surprising but still it is better left for the viewers to decide.

With plenty of blood and gore in the last half hour or so that is when the film takes off, it is a little too late but that’s the way cheesy horror flicks are, I cannot give this film any credit except for the last half hour any way. Some of the flashbacks to "Carrie" were fun, and the acting by Amy Irving was decent but that is about it, the camerawork was good as well. If those aspects are not redeeming enough then do not see this movie, even if they do sound redeeming do not see this movie, if you like movies were teens read off cue cards, have doubts about seeing this movie. A much better rental, save your money.


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