ED TV                     

By: Shaun

Well director Ron Howard does it again, achieves in greatness to bring us a highly entertaining story, we have seen this idea before once this year with the inventive "Truman Show", and a similar plot line with the ingenious "Pleasantville", but never before has it been presented with this much load of smart comedy. It does get deep into the heart of human emotions and shows that a man cannot be pretentious for all his life 24 hours a day, it’s a non stop show, and a man has to host it, no scenes will be omitted, no scripts, just the scrutinizing of a human life. This is what True TV idea manager Cynthia (Ellen DeGeneres) says, she thinks that if the company pick one man’s life and air it live all day it will be appealing and their ratings will be up. Well it is possible that I would tune in for a few minutes daily to see what is going on, it is a real life being aired for viewers pleasure. This film indulges us in how valuable privacy really is, and what how much pressure does a human need to pop, break loose and become belligerent. At first we laugh, then we see the point, that’s how I can say this film has brains, it shows viewing’s of the show from countries everywhere in America, to see how they react to this show. Howard has this ability to build up mood and passion, then when you think the film is at a high point he upgrades the film’s longevity into super greatness. Although this film is not Truman’s caliber, it is near there, I felt just like I did in Truman, I forget about the movie and watch the show, feel like I am part of it, live it, help create it. The movie has talent, and the ensemble cast do their part in fulfilling their roles, especially Martin Landau. The scary thing is that you can’t secrete anywhere, you have no privacy, if you try to run they will find you, and if you refuse to be entertaining, they can charge you for company loose.

On a hot San Francisco night, in a pool bar, True TV is looking and video taping people, so they can choose who they want to air, on television live, 24 hours a day. Ed Pekurny (Matthew McConaughey) is your average slow witted guy, he works in a video store, leads a simple life, like to play sports and drink. His brother Ray (Woody Harrelson) is the opposite, he has dreams and ambitions of one day opening his own gym, getting rich, finding salvation, and he auditions for True TV, he does not have charisma like Ed, so when the cameras pick Ed up they are more or less sure that this is the guy. This scene is hilarious because Ray is drunk and begins to reveal his family’s handicap’s.

At home Ed’s mom and step dad Al (Martin Landau), are against the whole thing at first, but with a little convincing from Ray they lighten up and begin to see the advantages of television, as Ray puts it " He’s a 31 year old video clerk, is he going to be arranging Earnest movies for the rest of his life". Ed’s contract begins for only a week, Dr. Whitaker (Rob Reiner) is True TV’s owner and thinks at first that the idea is ludicrous, but as the show begins to spiral upwards towards success he is filled with joy.

The first day of Ed TV is extremely funny, Ed wakes up with a morning chubby not knowing that the camera crew is already there filming, Dr. Whitaker begins to mock the show and make fun of it, for instance when Ed drops a pop tart he says sarcastically "Wow, an  action sequence". We begin to see people viewing it in their houses and start liking this guy Ed, wanting things to go his way, for he is a funny and likable guy, so is the performance.

Sheri (Jenna Elfman) is Ray’s girlfriend but deep down inside she really loves Ed, they begin an affair and that is when calamities occur, the human emotions begin to flow inside everybody, feelings of betrayal and sorrow occur, but the film never loses it’s touch of comedy and cleverness.

The camera’s follow Ed everywhere he goes, except for one holy section, the bathroom, the camera’s also soon begin to drive Ed’s loved one’s away and it disturbs him. Although the fame gets him loads of attention, publicity and gorgeous girls such as Jill (Elizabeth -So HOT!- Hurely), he gets involved in fame so deep it is hard to leave. Funny at times, touching at other Ed TV fills in al the gaps to become an interesting and hilarious movie.


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