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Updated April 26,1999

3 releases this weekend:

Lost & Found (LOSTN)- This movie looks horrible, I really don't want to see it but as a critic, I'm sure I'll check it out. I like David Spade but this movie just looks to end the David Spade Trilogy of Tommy Boy, Black Sheep and now this one. One problem this movie doesn't have is the main ingriedient to the first two movies sucess. Namely, the now deceased Chris Farley. To take his place is the much less funny Artie Lange (Dirty Work). Even with 2469 screens, I don't think this will make more than 5 million

Pushing Tin (PUSHI)- This movie looks decent. It has a small screen count of about 1,283 and won't make enough to make this movie sucessful. With more promotion and a bigger screen count might have done well with this cast (John Cusack, Billy Bob Thornton). Too bad.

Side Note: Saw Pushing Tin, decent movie. A little slow and a little boring.   

eXistenZ (EXSTN)- Looks weird, small screen count, looks and sounds alot like The Matrix. Cronenberg has a following, but it's a smaller and cult following. A very tiny screen count of 245. Less than 2 million dollars here with a nice screen average of about 7000.

Rank Movie Amount (in millions)
1. Life $14.2
2. The Matrix $13.5
3. Pushing Tin $6.0
4. Never Been Kissed $5.7
5. Lost & Found $4.9
6. Analyze This $3.0
7. 10 Things I Hate About You $2.6
8. GO $1.9
9. The Out-Of-Towners $1.8
10. Forces of Nature $1.7
12. Cookie's Fortune $1.5
Other eXistenZ $1.3

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