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Forces Of Nature
Rated PG-13 for language and sexuality

Sandra Bullock .... Sarah
Ben Affleck .... Ben Holmes
Maura Tierney .... Bridget
Steve Zahn .... Alan

        Ben Affleck plays Ben (what a name) in this run-of-the-mill romantic comedy about the ideal nice guy on his way from New York City to Savannah to get married. The movie opens at Ben's bachelor party led by his friend Alan, played very well by Steve Zahn. One thing leads to another and Ben is forced to stay in New York City longer than expected so he sends his fiance ahead to Savannah. When the time is right, Ben hops a plane to Savannah. On the plane he meets Sarah (Sandra Bullock), a beautiful young, wild and outgoing woman. While the plane is taking off, something causes the plane to crash. All the flights from and to the airport are cancelled and Ben needs to get to Savannah for his wedding.

        Sarah gets him a ride with a guy named Vic. Sarah is headed to Savannah too so she comes along. Next thing you know Ben is in jail. This just leads to more and more unbelievable and unlucky things that happen. They get on a train and end up on the wrong car, they then hitching a ride with a some older people to Florida. All the things that happen to them seem very coincidental, but the title of the movie Forces of Nature implies that some outside interference of a higher power was involved. Whatever the title means this movie was just really dumb and formulaic garbage that I have top sit through on a weekly basis and I am #@$!ing tired of it. They can't make a that just makes you think and care about the characters. The only thing I cared about in this movie was if Sandra Bullock was going to get naked, which by the way she doesn't of course. What do you expect from a PG-13 movie!!!!

    Maybe you want to hear about some of the positives of this movie. Steve Zahn was funny as Affleck's best man, although his screen time was limited and full of one-liners. There were some funny jokes. The parents were ok and Sandra Bullock in her bra was not bad.

        This movie is just another movie out of the script factory where they write movies based on movies that have done well. This movie is used as a vehicle to let Bullock to go wild and crazy. Affleck is in it to add another side to his acting repertoire, but in this movie he was very bad and to this day has in my opinion made only one or two good movie to this day, Chasing Amy and Good Will Hunting. He seems like he is talented but keeps picking up bad scripts, for example 200 Cigarettes and the awful Armageddon. Bullock, in this movie, is only comparable to a slutty woman who has made tons of bad choices, who has experienced the world. I got a few chuckles and their chemistry was good but the movie just was plain average. As people say about many movies, this movie had potential but just fell too much in love with itself, it's like the movie had a whole bunch of inside jokes that no one cares about. Overall 2 Stars for some laughs and some mediocre performances but not reccomendable by far.