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The General's Daughter

Cast (in credits order)
John Travolta .... Warrant Officer Paul Brenner
Madeleine Stowe .... Warrant Officer Sara Sunhill
James Cromwell .... Lt. Gen. "Fighting Joe" Campbell
Timothy Hutton .... Col. William Kent
Clarence Williams III .... Col. Fowler
James Woods .... Colonel Moore
Directed by: ... Simon West
Written by: ... Nelson DeMille


    Tired of murder mysteries in which every person is a suspect. Well then The General's Daughter is not your movie. This movie gives you your plot twists, scary music, and a sense of fear in almost every scene. The average movie viewer will not figure this movie out until the end. I saw the movie with 5 regular people and they didn't know who it was. Although I figured it all out in about 30 minutes but I'm just so smart. I'm just kidding about the smart part.

    So there is a murder on an army base. Top dog  army detective Paul Brenner (Travolta) is put on the case. The murder victim is the daughter is, as the title says, the general's daughter. Gen. Joseph Campbell (James Cromwell) is retiring and heading towards a life of politics.He wants to keep this out of the public eye. Travolta and his old friend/newly acquired partner Sarah Sunhill are in a race to solve this case quickly through a wall of silence. They encounter problems such a cocky soldiers and attacks by men with shovels. They have 36 hours to crack the big case.

    John Travolta did his now very usual overacting. He was partially his character from Mad City and partially his psycho bad guy character in Face/Off. It might work in some cases but here it was just kind of annoying. I'm not saying his performance was worthless, he just wasn't great.  Madeline Stowe's acting was average. James Cromwell is perfect at playing an old man that gives you a little of a scare(remember L.A. Confidential). He's very tall and has very strange expression on his face that could be sincerely unhappy or evil. Most of the performances were average but the best performance came out of James Woods. is part as a very close friend to the deceased, maybe a little too close, is played to perfection. This year I have gained a new respect for this man. In True Crime, he traded snaps with Clint Eastwood as his boss. Now he battles with John Travolta on screen. He also had a very overlooked performance in John Carpenter's Vampires. If he got a nomination for Ghosts of Mississippi, here he should win an Oscar. That's if he was good in Ghosts of Mississippi, which is a separate question. He didn't deserve that nomination. This performance deserves the big nod for supporting actor.

    The story was also average. They took a regular murder mystery/cover-up movie and added some weird sexual actions. The director, Simon West, was guilty of over directing. He kept showing scenes from all different angles which was unneeded in this kind of no BS story. West o paid attention to unimportant details which were supposed to set the mood but they didn't . In one scene, he starts off by filming an iguana tank for about 10 seconds. Right now I'm thinking, this iguana must be very important, but it was just a time filler. I have more important things to do with my time.

    A recurring theme pops up throughout this review, average. That's what this movie is mediocre. More is to be expected from this cast and crew. I give this film ** Stars.

Running Time: 118 minutes
Rated R for nudity, violence, language and a little gore.
Reviewed by: Buscemifan

cover The Soundtrack is $12.99. The music was one of the better parts of the movie.

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