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Updated March 19

        Sorry about my delinquency in columns lately and the briefness of this column but hey I'm busy as everyone also is. Here we go.

        This weekend a couple movies on the market. Ben Affleck/Sandra Bullock romantic comedy Forces of Nature, Clint Eastwood thriller True Crime, the cannibal thing Ravenous, and the  expensive kid movie/soon to be bomb The King and I.

        Forces of Nature looks like a good money maker in a perfect spot. Stars, good buzz, screens, somewhat good trailers, and minimal competition are all their. I don't see anything getting in its way this weekend unless the Oscars count which they don't since they can never get the nominations right. Look for around 12 million here and for it to come in second behind Analyze This.

        True Crime is a movie that I really couldn't give a crap about. The previews look like 10 other movies I've seen except this one was directed by Oscar winning director Clint Eastwood, which doesn't place too much faith in me. I liked Absolute Power, but maybe it's time for Clint to do a comedy. Look for around 2000 screens and close  10 million dollars.

        Ravenous looks like the biggest waste of money that a studio has spent since Solider. It looks cool to me but I don't think this movie will make anything. A movie about cannibals, this is not a mainstream movie by any means. Look for this to make about 3 million.

        The King and I- I don't feel like wasting any more time on this movie. My time is precious and this movie is not. Another bomb from Warner Brothers, go make a sequel to The Avengers , OK. You'll make more money that way, actually you probably won't, but you guys don't seem to care about money from your recent movies (Sorry about the little rant there.) Look for around 6-7 million for this if over 2200 screens.

    Updated the old movie review site,here's a link My Movie Review Site. Wing Commander review and Analyze This review should be up soon.   Payback and Rushmore reviews at links.

            One last non-movie point, one of my favorite shows has just been cancelled it's called Cupid and it stars Jeremy Piven (PCU, Very Bad Things). It's a great show and there is a big effort to get it back on the air. I put a picture on the bottom click on it for more information.

Later, Buscemifan.

Mar. 19-21

Rank Title Estimate (in millions)
1. Analyze This $12.4
2. Forces Of Nature
(Based on 2058 Screens)
3. True Crime
(Based on 1852 Screens)
4. The King and I
(Based on 2352 Screens)
5. Cruel Intentions $4.0
6. The Corruptor $3.7
7. The Rage: Carrie 2 $3.5
8. Baby Geniuses $3.5
9. Ravenous
(Based on 1048 Screens)
10. Wing Commander $2.5
11. The Other Sister $2.4
12. October Sky $2.3
13. Shakespeare In Love $2.3

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