Touch57: did you like the sequel?
Movie etc5: I thought the first was better
Movie etc5: this one was dumbed down too much cruise
Movie etc5: more like bond film
Touch57: but the action was ten times better than any bond film
Movie etc5: the karate was real fake to
Movie etc5: like he learnt it in 3 years
Movie etc5: and he always had to spin so he could shoot his gun
Touch57: I dunno, I just love how Woo choreographs gun battles
Movie etc5: they're cool but cruise looked fake doing it
Touch57: did you see shanghai noon?
Movie etc5: yeah
Touch57: good?
Movie etc5: nope
Movie etc5: pretty dumb
Movie etc5: good outtakes
Movie etc5: very unoriginal fight sequences
Movie etc5: i also didnt like in MI how u saw his boss on the tape
Touch57: in the original MI?
Movie etc5: no in this one with anthony hopkins
Movie etc5: the mission recording guy was always the same anonymous voice
Touch57: when did you see Hopkins on tape?
Touch57: oh yeah
Movie etc5: his voice then u see him
Movie etc5: u know just the little things
Movie etc5: the classic MI things were lost
Movie etc5: less of a team effort
Touch57: and too many of those damn masks
Touch57: but I loved the pigeon scene
Movie etc5: yeah he had everyone's face in his back pocket
Movie etc5: the use of birds was cool
Touch57: and the motorcycle scene
Movie etc5: but that scene where he put his face on the other guy and chenged all the clothing
Movie etc5: that wa sridiculous
Touch57: well, a lot it the movie was
Touch57: but didn't really care, it's a summer movie
Movie etc5: yeah but the point of mI was that it was something that was impossiblre that was done reasonably
Movie etc5: every moment taken account for
Movie etc5: time was lost in this film
Movie etc5: like the bomb that blows up the van said 20 secs and it took him at least 45 to get out
Touch57: and I thought Ving was wasted
Movie etc5: yeah the whole tema was
Movie etc5: in the first lfick they all had involvement
Touch57: I miss Jean Reno, he was so cool
Movie etc5: yeah
Movie etc5: that's what im saying
Movie etc5: first was so better

Touch57: and all those close ups on Newton was ridiculous 
Movie etc5: that was funny 
Movie etc5: the scene with the little children dancing the begging just made no sense

Movie etc5: Woo just likes to focus on things outsode what's happneing 
Touch57: little kids? 
Movie etc5: yeah they were dancing around and then shown like in a flash of black and white 
Movie etc5: but also the christian saint day 
Touch57: the first was smarter 
Touch57: I was happy to see Cruise finally kick ass 
Touch57: the first was convoluted, though 
Movie etc5: not really it was crazy 
Movie etc5: went really wrong 
Touch57: they had some pretty good trailers though 
Movie etc5: yeah 
Touch57: they're amking Ladies Man 
Movie etc5: I saw