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Apt Pupil (R) (1998) 2.5  Stars Ian Mackellen is a Nazi War Criminal in a great performance. The movie itself was somewhat weak but somewhat smart. Brad Renfro plays the puppet in Mackellan's game. Full Review being worked on.
Avengers, The (PG-13)   (1998) 1 Star Uma looked good and it was funny in the beginning. Full Review
Blade (R) (1998) 3.5  Stars This movie rocked. The action was awesome and it had a plot. Full Review
Bride of Chucky (1998) 3 Stars A hilarious as well as vicious horror movie. In the spirit of the original. I haven't laughed as hard or went ewww as much since There's Something About Mary. Chucky is awesome and he's got a wife ( Jennifer Tilly).
A Bug's Life (G) (1998) 3 Stars A movie about a little ant who makes a big difference. His name is Flik and he is sent out to find warriors to defend his colony from the oppression of the Grasshoppers. The Animation was amazing, some of the greatest I've ever seen.
Dead Man on Campus (R) (1998)       .5 Star There were a few funny scenes and I stress the word few.  Full Review
Enemy Of the State (R) (1998) 3 Stars Will Smith is a man who everyone thinks knows too much and the world is chasing after him. Gene Hackman is a man who is helping him out. A good film with a cool plot. An actual good movie with Will Smith in it. I didn't like MIB and ID4 too much except for special effects.
I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (R) (1998) 1 Star A sequel to a really bad horror movie which made a lot of money. Jennifer Love Hewitt Stars as Julie James a girl haunted by a man with a hook who she and 3 friends hit with there car. The ways they were killed was cool, but the killer is obvious and the movie is dumb. Oh Yeah and this time it happens in the Bahamas.
Impostors, The (1998) 2 Stars Stanley Tucci and Oliver Platt star as brothers in the time of the Depression in France. They are being chased by the cops and while trying to hide they get put on a boat where they try to save all their lives. The movie is done in the style of a silent movie. It's pretty funny and Woody Allen's in it too.
Meet Joe Black (PG-13) (1998) 2.5 Stars Brad Pitt is a man who is killed and his body is taken over by death. Death asks Anthony Hopkins, who plays smart and wealthy man, to be his tour guide of the world before he kills him. Pitt gets involved with Hopkin's daughter which infuriates Hopkins. The movie clocks in at about 3 hours which was way too long and the daughter performance by Claire Forlani was bad, very bad. The idea of the movie was good and it was carried out well.
Permanent Midnight(1998) (R) 3 stars Ben Stiller was pretty good as a druggie, Hollywood, writer. The movie was about Jerry Stahl a writer who became a drug nut then tries to take back his career. Funny and Brutal in its way of showing his addiction..
Pleasantville (PG-13) (1998) 2.25 Stars Very nice to watch, not much to listen to. Recycled plot with good movie Full Review
The Prince of Egypt (PG) (1998) 2 Stars The story known by everyone translated in cartoons by Hollywood. The animation is beautiful but Moses was an exact copy of Jesus. Very Eerie. Full Review

All Ratings are out of 4 stars. Reviews that say full review have been fully reviewed. Others are in the works. 

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