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Ben Folds Five- The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner  The newest album in my collection and quickly becoming one of my favorites. It is quirky nice to listen to but alot slower then their last album, Whatever and Ever Amen. The last album was alot happier, this one is downbeat like Ben Folds Five isn't getting any lately. I would highly advise picking this one up. No hard rock here. My favorite tracks are #6 Army and #7 Your Redneck Past. Check out some of the tracks on Real Audio at this link.          

Rufus Wainright- Self Titled I usually don't like poppy, psychedelic music except for maybe the Beatles but I love this one. In his debut, Rufus sounds like the Beatles, he has the same sound. This sound hasn't been used lately and it's great. His voice is great. It is a great alternative to the very loud drum beating of all current Alternative Rock. I actually first heard this artist on an MTV program called Next Big Thing. It was a weekend thing and his video lost to Ricky Martin's new Livin Da Vida Loca (which is a good song. Wainwright's April Fools is far superior in my mind (click on the link for a Real Audio sample). Wainright is from a family of singers. I highly suggest you pick this one up. For samples of the first few songs go here. For Rufus Wainright's official site go here (this is a cool site. Try this new flavor of music greatness.

Couple More Good Albums:

STAR WARS!!!!!! STAR WARS!!!!!!!! Check out some of the songs at this link



eels- Electro-Shock Blues Sad and Slow. Seems to be a constant throughout this page. One if my personal favoroites. Samples here.

Most of these albums are priced at about 12.99 in association with amazon.com.

Why did I write this?

My initial reason for making this site was to review not just movies but everything. Now that I have the movie part running the music and maybe Video Games and books are next. Whatever I want, this is my site you know.

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