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Stone Temple Pilots- No. 4- Hopefully this album with an unoriginal title does not have an unoriginal. Early Reviews say the movie is average. "Maxim" (my personal favorite magazine) gave it 3 out of 5. The first single "Down" is a good one. The rest of the album will hopefully follow suit. Only $11.88

Foo Fighters- There is Nothing Left to Lose- The newest album from ex-Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl. The first single "Learn to Fly" is a a great song. Foo Fighters are building their own style and building a large fan base in the process. The video for "Learn to Fly" is in the same vain as the zany video for "Everlong". They don't want to be your monkey wrench and this album won't be yours. Give it a listen.  Order it for $13.99

Nine Inch Nails- The Fragile- Trent Reznor's latest masterpiece is amazing double album that digs deep into Reznor's mind and soul. A 2-disc set, the first CD being more enjoyable to the ear. The second one is harder to swallow. The album starts off with one instrument adding sound upon sound one by one making a beautiful layered song called "Somewhat Damaged". The first CD also features some great songs like "The Day the Whole World Went Away",  "The Wretched" and the first official single, " We're in This Together" which has a very cool video. With other song titles like "Into the Void" and "Ripe (with Decay)" you can see this album is a little negative. Great, great Album. 4 Stars from me. Buy this album for $17.48

Chris Cornell- Euphoria Morning- After hearing his song "Sunshowers" on the Great Expectations soundtrack, I couldn't wait for this album and I was not let down. It's a very nice album. The first single "Can't Change Me" has a very Beatles-esque sound. With Cornell's great guitar playing and great voice and you have some great music. Definitely worth checking out. I'm going to see him live next month, can't wait. Buy it for $13.99

Filter- Title of Album- Filter's first album had the all time classic "Hey Man, Nice Shot". The new album has a ton of soon-to-be classics including "Welcome to the Fold" and the awesome "Take a Picture". Some of the deeper cuts are equally as great. Every song is great. One of the best albums of the year. I'm going to see them live. So cool. Buy it for $14.99


Fiona Apple-When The Pawn - An album that has a ninety word title. That's kind of annoying. You think Fiona memorized the whole title. Probably not. This album has major promise with a great first single in "Fast as You Can". The video is in high airplay on MTV 2. She might be a little overzealous in her backing of women's rights but you can't fault her talent and good music for that. Order this album for $12.58.

Days of The New- Days of The New 2- Another one of those original titles. I love that song "Enemy". I loved their first hit "Touch, Peel, and Stand".  I saw them open for Metallica, very cool. Worth looking into buying. Buy it for $13.99

Creed- Human Clay- That song "Higher" is a good tune. In my mind a lot of Creed's songs sound very a like but if people like it why change. If you like the Creed sound like me pick up "Human Clay". Buy it for $12.59.


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