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Oct. 25, 1999-
Matthew McConaughey was arrested for drugs. I don't like him too much. Maybe h can go to jail and stop maikg movies... Golfer Payne Stewart was killed in a plane crash, I liked that guy... Best Man tops the  box office, big deal. Go see Fight Club and American Beauty... "NYPD Blue" will not be back till January...Deception AKA Reindeer Games might cut out a love scene between Ben Affleck and Charlize Theron to avoid problems with MPAA. The movie is Miramax's highest budgeted film ever at $60 million. That original title sucked but this might be worse. That love scene is a beaut. I saw the film and I should know... Howard Stern talks about his separation on the air. Howard Stern is now available to the public... Mamet's script of "Hannibal" is dismissed. Damn them, Mamet rules... Did you know "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" has been cancelled? Now you do. Last episode November 22. Xena's still around... Enough for today.

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