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Notting Hill

By: Shaun

Venture off into the somber and depressing pits of a town called Notting Hill, which coincidentally is this films title. A refreshing romantic-comedy that was desperately needed after all of the action and special effects extravaganza films that washed over cinemas in these past three months. "Notting Hill" is such a light hearted film that was so enjoyable I actually cheered for Hugh Grant. Julia Roberts has hit a milestone after starring in the horrific melodramatic Christmas film "Stepmom". In this movie she seemed more loose and real, she was able to play her own life on screen. This films main high point is that it was hysterically funny, the dialogue was so witty that I exploded into uncontrollable laughter. The actors all did a terrific job, I do not remember one character who was not charismatic. I am yet to see this films maker, which is "Four Weddings And A Funeral", but if it is as good as this movie, then a treat it is. The topic has been used repeatedly in numerous other films, but the story in this film was just so invigorating and consuming I was hoping that its predictability would remain true to its genre. It’s basic story is a mans delusion is turned into a reality, why and how, those reasons remain discrete, but when a dream falls in love with you, you do not bother to question why. A inaccessible object is obtained, infatuation turns into love, and a pompous women forms a relationship with the common man. It is so sweet to see Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant work magic on the screen, their relationship is powerful and full of true love, they have a give and take relationship. They share a bond that is rare among actors, we can see the diligent work put into this film, and the outcome is spectacular. You may not be left with such an impression once the end credits role, but while you are previewing this movie, the effects are very strong and soothing. This films velocity is at a perfect pace, but maybe it should not of started out so quickly, it began to look sort of like a fantasy instead of a logical film. This is one of those movies where you do not ever want to see the pair break up or even fight, you hate to watch their fallacy’s and arguments, you just want the entire film to be in perfect harmony. Hey, but what kind of movie can be sweet all the way without a few disasters along the path, whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) is the type of actress you have nocturnal dreams about, the most gorgeous and well respected women in Hollywood, a goddess among men, and an immortal among women. She is so successful that her paycheck for a film is fifteen million dollars, she is very loveable and a women to cherish. Nowadays Anna is looking to escape the madness of Hollywood and thrash herself into the more simpler life, with a common man. A man that is not an egotistical actor, such as her boyfriend (Alec Baldwin), someone that will not degrade her, someone she can trust. She wants to flee Beverly Hills to find a more relaxing life in Notting Hill. A place where life goes by slowly, and rarely, if ever something exciting happens. She feels neglected from her boyfriend, she wants to have someone’s undivided attention, a man who will love her unconditionally, a guy she can talk to and laugh with. That is why she falls for travel bookshop owner William Thacker (Hugh Grant).

Thacker is the easy type of guy, he is not upset easily, has lots of charm and notable characteristics, and even though he is a bit down on his luck (his shop is very unsuccessful, plus he just recently got a divorce), he still has his pride. Always full of bliss, and has a great sense of humor, not to mention loads of sarcastic retorts. He is also a family guy who spends quality time with his relatives and loved ones, with his big teeth and thick British accent, William gets by life as a man who can do no one harm. He has a roommate called Spike (Rhys Ifans), whom is a slob and extremely crude, not taking any responsibility, but is very friendly. Throughout the movie Spike is the funniest character, he has the most peculiar ways of doing things.

From the moment that Anna and Will meet, you know that it is love at first sight, they cannot help but lock eyes and gaze into each others minds. William recognizes Anna from the second she steps foot into his store, she wants to purchase a book about Turkey, a guide and map for the city. Will is more then glad to assist her in all her needs, he is mesmerized by Anna’s beauty and fragrance , she is so stunning that his eyes are captured on her body for a while. He cannot believe that the world’s most renowned actress has just stepped foot into his store, and actually made contact with him. Coincidentally, just as Will is on his way back to his shop after just purchasing a glass of orange juice, Anna bumps into him and Will spills his juice all over her white shirt. Will offers her some cleansing at his apartment, which is near, she agrees and from then on it is love at first site. The two love struck people kiss and find romance in each other.

Their relationship at first may seem a bit uneasy, but as time passes and they get to know each other better, their relationship gets deeper and deeper. Although they begin a superficial trust, they soon realize that they love one another and a deep bond is set forth. They are so attracted to each other it is amazing, it is a match made in heaven. "Notting Hill" ensures you a great time at the movies, filled with laughter and plenty of romance. A well told story that will have you begging for more, the ending is pitch perfect, although the start is a bit bumpy. The acting is great and the dialogue is too, it is a perfect blend of romance and comedy.