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    Office Space (1999)


Jennifer Aniston .... Joanna
Ron Livingston .... Peter Gibbons
Gary Cole .... Bill Lumbergh
Stephen Root .... Milton Waddams
Todd Duffey .... Brian
David Herman .... Michael Bolton
Ajay Naidu .... Samir

Name: Office Space
Genre: Comedy
Main Stars: Ron Livingston, Gary Cole, David Herman, Ajay Naidu, Jennifer Aniston 
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

        Millions of people across this country work in little cubicles and feel the wrath of annoying bosses, tedious tasks, this movie takes this idea in stride. At first Peter is the guy who drones through the day, doing whatever he is ordered. He is run by his boss and his girlfriend. He believes that everyday becomes the new worst day in his life because everyday he goes into work is worst than the previous. There's your setup.

        Then he visits an occupational-therapist and everything changes and gets put into a trance. Peter gets a new outlook on life. He does what makes him happy. He begins to sleep in all day instead of going into work, and when he goes into work he plays Tetris all day while telling his boss Lumburgh he's too busy for the duties that the boss has for him. 

Ron Livingston is hilarious. He makes this movie. The film is based around his conversion from life hater to Mr. Easy Going. The funniest thing about the film is Gary Cole (Brady Bunch Movie) as the a-typical boss. He's absolutely hysterical. You might not think that a character that just parks his car and walks from cubicle to cubicle isn't funny but you'd be dead wrong.

In the middle of the film, each worker must go meet the "effiency experts" so these men can decide if they have a purpose. These are the best scenes in the film. Especially the ones featuring the tight knit crazy Tom (Richard Riehle) and now free thinking Peter. They figure out that Tom has no job and he goes crazy trying to explain what he does. They ask what he does, he screams about being a people person but he doesn't deal with the people themselves. Just watching him go nuts is very amusing.

Then there is Peter's meeting in which he explains all his new theories about his job. The experts go ga-ga over him and want to promote him to the disgust of management especially Lumburgh.

Office Space
was written and directedby Mike Judge. It is based on a comic strip named "Milton" that he did when he was younger. Judge is one of the trendsetters of the 90's. He created "Beavis and Butthead" and voiced almost every characther. "Beavis and Butthead" is a series defines the ideals of Generation X. Office Space  is his satirical take on the workplace although Judge probably hasn't done much office work in his life. He's been doing animation for quite a while. 

Since this film is based on a comic strip called Milton, you might wonder who Milton is. Milton, played by and unrecognizable Stephen Root from "Newsradio", is a company whipping boy. He has his desk moved by his boss weekly ending up in the basement, they cut off his check and decide not to tell him he was fired 5 years ago and was only receiving a check because of a glitch. All this burns inside of him while Milton goes crazy and makes threats which no one listens to. He vehemently protects the minimal rights and possessions he has like his red stapler and his morning radio listening privileges.

Jennifer Aniston has a small role as Peter's Dream girl that he goes after he is hypnotized. She is the first person to experience the new him outside of his company. The scene in which he asks her out is witty and ingenious at the same time. He goes in to the restaurant where she works and says if she wants to go out with him she should come and eat next door with him giving business to a competitor to this restaurant. The new him is more likable and suave, so Aniston accepts.

Dedrich Bader from "The Drew Carey" show puts in a funny performance as a crazy, sex crazed but wise neighbor Peter's that comforts him after his terrible work days. Supporting parts from David herman and ajay Naidu as Peter's pissed off co-workers are very complimentary to Peter's new laid back style. They work very hard and when they become pissed off they assist Peter

These video reviews are supposed to be on film that are considered to be classics, this film is a classic. It was a film that came and went. It was looked over but it shouldn't have been. Office Space is a hysterical movie that should be seen by anyone who is a fan of comedy. It's truly smart movie made that you can see was made with minimal outside studio interference. Cookie cutter sets, combined with great acting, and funny writing produced one classic comedic film.