Rain, Stay

I think outloud.
I sing off key.
I blow smoke in your face.
It doesn't bother me.

I get tired.
I get mad.
You're so annoying.
I'm always sad.

I should be happy.
I should be gay.
I can only be truly happy,
when it rains everyday.

I love it when it pours.
Walk out of you're house, get soaked.
My state of mind soars.
People think I'm coked.

You'll get pneumonia.
That's what they say,
Sickness is good for your health.
Hell yeah, fuckin' A.

I like good music.
I like great songs.
I like my yellow tonic.
Smoking out of 8 foot bongs.

The day when I'm happy
is the day when everyone else is sad.
I need all the good in the world,
to make me somewhat glad.

I'm selfish,
no easy to please.
Pizza's delish.
Meat makes me wheeze.

You wanted the happy one
well here it is.
Out on a silver platter.
Can I return to my life in a fizz?


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