No Tripping For the Sagacious

"Pressure causes production",
Says the wicked to the wise.
You are my obstruction,
A full fledged naval blockade.
The wise one replies.

"This is true,"
Responds the evil,
"But everyone needs a test."
The intelligent ponders a few,
Then tells the unkind he's a pest.

"But I must protest,
This is my life's work,
I am the one you must detest,
In your dark corners I lurk."
Reputes the man in black.

"I know you must persist,
I wish cease and desist.
Even if you belong here,
I still need to steer clear."
Said the beloved to the nuisance.

"I'm having so much fun,
What if I'm living the right way,
Does that make you dismay?
Come over to my side."
Said the vicious to the chosen one.

"I may be tired,
but I'm not crazy.
You are no good,
and I'm feeling hazy."
Said the great to the mischievous.

Let's align.
Let's be friends,
I'm very benign."
said the ill to the controlled.

"I thank you for your offer,
But I must decline.
I like where I am,
I'm really just fine."
Said the victor to the defeated.


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