The Prince of Egypt- ( Rated PG for scarry themes)

   The story known by everyone translated in cartoons by Hollywood. The animation is beautiful but Moses was an exact copy of Jesus. Very Eerie. If you never learned the Bible, Moses is a Jewish boy put in a river to be saved from the Egyptians who want to kill all Jewish boys. He is found in the river and adopted by the Queen. At this point in the movie there is a amazing scene with Moses sailing through the water it's awesome. Then Moses grows up finds out he's a Jew and wants to save his people who are enslaved in Egypt.  Hollywood used there right of drama to play around with the facts of the story. I can not say enoufh about the animation with the mixture of painted backgrounds.

Major Complaints: Besides the Jesus thing, the music was horrible and was misplaced throughout the movie. The first nine plagues were done in like 10 seconds. Man were those songs annoying. If just for love of animation, I would advise this movie. I would have loved for this movie to have turned out better because it is one of the best stories of all time but some of the parts that weren't focused on should have been and that upset me and my enjoyment in this movie. Go see A Bug's Life with the new bloopers at the end that's worth it. But otherwise it's a skip in my opinion. I give it 2 out of 4 Stars.

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