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The Sixth Sense


Cast (in credits order)
Bruce Willis .... Malcolm Crowe
Haley Joel Osment .... Cole
Toni Collette .... Lynn Sear
Olivia Williams .... Anna Crowe
Written and Directed by .... M. Night Shyamalan

Bruce Willis has been in some great movies like 12 Monkeys and Die Hard. Mr. Willis has also been in some terrible movies such as The Last Boyscout, Hudson Hawk, and his last crapfest Armageddon. If you don't remember the bad movies it was either because you didn't see them or because they were really bad. The only redeeming quality of Armageddon was a great performance, as always, by a man named Steve Buscemi. The Sixth Sense is in the great movie category. He does not detract from the movie. His involvement in the project only made it stronger and allows it to attract a bigger audience.

The Sixth Sense is about a top notch psychiatrist (Bruce Willis) who made a big mistake on a patient of his and tries to make up for it with a new and very similar patient (Haley Joel Osment). This new patient is a 9 year-old boy named Cole. Cole has problems. Not normal problems like other patients, he sees dead people. Not just sometimes but he sees them all around us.  

There are 2 subplots about the deterioration of Willis' marriage and about Cole's relationship with his mother and schoolmates. Cole is outcast in school. He is the weirdo and is picked on. He acts strange and says very sick things for a young boy. In one scene his teacher asks if anyone knows the history of the land in which the school is built on. Cole answers that they used to hang people there. Not the regular 3rd grade answer. That's the point Cole is not normal. He has a special ability. You turn what people may think as defect into a talent. He is only invited to parties when the children's parents make the children invite him. Even then he is laughed at and basically tortured.

The subplot involving the mother is different. In this case he doesn't want her to to know about anything. He puts on his happy act for her but she knows Cole is not happy. She has a motherly feeling. Cole says that he doesn't want her to look at him like everyone else does. He thanks people are always staring at him because he is weird. Many times they are but Cole is a bit sensitive on the topic and gets into fits when he thinks it is happening. The mother wants to know what is happening but Cole won't tell her. She finds clues around the house but can't fully understand it unless Cole will tell her. 

I thought the movie was just ok for the first 100 minutes but when those last 15 minutes come along this movie has a huge payoff. Bruce Willis is actually acting in this movie. I expected to see a lot of special effects and ghosts. People who expect to see these kind of things will be greatly disappointed. It is not a special effects movie. It's a movie that truly scares you. The movie is almost totally psychological like The Blair Witch Project was supposed to be, but this movie was good. 

I don't like to admit when I'm wrong but I will do it for this movie. When I saw the preview I said and I quote " Dammit another Mercury Rising. What is Bruce Willis doing to his career?". The question was answered. Willis has decided to take on a well written acting role which is what good actors do once in a while. Before he goes off and does Die Hard 4, he decided to get some credit from a beautifully written and flabbergasting psychological thriller.  

The Sixth Sense is a smart, suspenseful, and scary movie. It is well acted on all parts. Bruce Willis is very good but young Haley Joel Osment is especially good as the afflicted Cole. Writer/Director M. Night Shyamalan does a great job of setting up the environment for this film to be affective. Right now I am fearing some of the things said in the movie on true. It is getting a little bit colder in this room and the hairs on the back of my neck are standing up. You'll understand what I'm saying after you see the movie. Definitely worth your movie money but not for the weak stomached.

3.5 out of 4/ A-/ 9 out of 10
Reviewed by: Joe "Buscemifan" Soria
Running Time: 114 minutes
Rated PG-13 for intense thematic material and violent images.

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