The Cell

Reviewed by Joe Soria

Think of The Cell as love at first sight. On first look your
awed by the beauty and splendor, then the beauty opened her mouth and a high pitched squeak that only dogs can hear comes out.

Jennifer Lopez plays a child psychologist who is put in the
position to save a woman's life. The FBI, led by Vince
Vaughn, hopes that she can enter the mind of a serial killer
through a device that she alone has mastered and find out
where the sicko has the woman. Mr. Demento is played by
Vincent Donofrio.

Why is Mr. Demento a sicko you might ask? He likes to play with woman's minds then drown them while hanging himself on hooks. He has a severe form of a disease that can't be medicated by drugs. If you notice, he never seems to work in the movie. Did you ever notice that no serial killers ever work? Think about Buffalo Bill in Silence of The Lambs, he just sewed skin together, and no he was not a doctor.

Anyway, Lopez enters the mind and the stunning visuals being. They are shown for shorter amounts of time in the beginning when Lopez is trying to treat a child coma patient but the views inside the psychos mind are much more elaborate.

The sets are amazing, the visual effects are awesome, the
cinematography and tithe acting is on a new level of
awfulness. An attempt at a perplexing film that really has
no deeper meaning or something to say. Mr. Demento, that's not the character's name by the way but I prefer it,
just has a sadistic mind and there's a lot to dig through so
Lopez can find the truth. The visuals try to make up for the
unoriginality. There's gore and shock instead of a point.

Donofrio has another one of those barely speaking and a ton of  make up parts like he had in Men in Black. Lopez is great until she recites her weak dialogue. She looks great in the wardrobe provided, some tight fit body suits and some low cut dresses. Vince Vaughn is pretty good. He's
eccentric, a little on edge, and it works.

The film with no dialogue would have probably been better
then it with dialogue. Just have some nice music in the
background and everything would have been fine. Maybe take a
song from one of the music videos that the film's director,
Tarsem, made and use it. How about R.E.M.'s Losing My
Religion. It's got to be better than Jennifer Lopez. Just wait
till I make my film. It will be so uninterpretable mush but
I'll like it.

Overall, The Cell has amazing visuals no point, and a weak
plot. Nice direction, cinematography, and art direction and
bad acting. Not advisable for viewing, at least with the

Starring: Jennifer Lopez, Vince Vaughn, Vincent DOnofrio
Directed by: Tarsem
Written by:

Rating: ** stars out of ****
Reviewed by: Joe Soria
Running Time: 107 minutes
Rated R for bizarre violence and sexual images, nudity and language.

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