Pearl Harbor

Joe's Preview Review

It's a movie that looks like $140 million bucks. It looks like a movie
with a big push behind it, let's say $100 million on top of the budget.
A whole bunch of stars got together to try and make a water movie
to top that other really big water movie with the boat, the iceberg, 
and Leonardo Dicaprio.


(Joe's Note: I wasn't in the mood to write a full review so I wrote a shorter one.)

Joe's Review

Screw the plot. I'm not gonna waste the breath. The movie is 
titled "Pearl Harbor", name one other thing you know that 
happened in Pearl Harbor besides it being bombed and 
getting America in WWII (volcanic eruptions not included).

The word movie isn't the best way to describe this feature.
Let's call it a thing. The only reason the thing had actors was to put
the names on billboards. Anyone could have been in this movie and 
it probably wouldn't have made much of a difference.

Twenty minute slow motion kisses take up most of the screen time
while the bombs move pretty quickly. There's lots of missiles, bloody 
body, flying body parts, and sailors hanging onto boats for dear life... 
sound familiar?

The war scenes are in contrast with the rest of the fluff piece... real.
They're are full of adrenaline and very Breukheimerized with a mix of 
pre and post shots of characters like pictures of the interior .

Bias was not used in the film, it was made well rounded. You see 
the reasons bnehind everything for both halfs. 








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