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Guy Ritchie's second project, a follow-up to his Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking barrels which was a worldwide success except for in America, is another shoot' em up mob entanglement story about a boatload of people after one thing, a diamond the size of a fist.

The movie starts off in the hands of Frankie Four Fingers (Benecio Del Toro in a orle that could only be considered little more than a cameo). Everyone gets there chance at the stone but at some instances characters seemed to be forced into situations. There coincidentally appearance didn't seem natural where as its predecessor did. Lock, Stock knew when to stop and it was delightfully eccentric. Here Ritchie tries to hard to get all of his weaponed named characters like Bullet Tooth Tony (Vinnie Jones) and Boris The Blade (Rade Serbedzija) characters in on the act.

The caper has its high points and its low points. Brad Pitt is a huge highlight. He plays Mickey, plays a sneaky nomadic man who leads a bunch of untrustworthy hooliogans named Pikers or Pikeys from place to place and on the side likes to get into some fights. 


Starring: Brad Pitt, Vinnie Jones, Dennis Farina
Written and Directed by: Guy Ritchie (Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels)

Reviewed by: Joe Soria
Running Time: 
Rated R for 

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