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The Ringmaster (R) (1998) 1.5 Stars Jerry Springer stars as himself as they show the background of some of their guests and the story of how they get on the show. Like people really care but it was funny a little.
Rounders (R) (1998) 2 Stars A movie about poker and gamblers with Matt Damon as that good looking genius and John Malkovich as the man who he fears. Full Review
Rushmore 3.5 Stars A movie about an offbeat teenager who is in love wiht a kindergarten teacher. Full Review
Saving Private Ryan (R) (1998) 3 1/2 Stars It's WW II, Tom Hanks is a leader of a group who are sent out to find a young man, Private Ryan (Matt Damon), who has three other brothers who were all killed in battle. Some members of the group include Ed Burns, Adam Goldberg and Giovanni Ribisi. All the soldiers have their own personal background and stories and they all have personal quirks. Anyway Awesome, hard to watch with very violent beginning and ending scenes. 
The Siege (R) (1998) 3 Stars Denzel Washington is John Hubbard Head of FBI anti terrorism unit in NYC. When NY becomes overrun by Terrorism, Bruce Willis as an army general is sent in to clean up house in this awesome drama by the director of Courage Under Fire. Full Review is coming.
Simon Birch (PG-13) (1998) 3.5 Stars Simon Birch is a young boy who is a miracle and this is a movie about his impact on the town he lived in and the people he lived with. Full Review
Snake Eyes (R) (1998) 1/2 Star Boring, formulaic garbage. At least there was good camera work. Full Review
Solider (R) (1998) 1 Star Good action scenes bad movie dumb plot bad actors. Man does Kurt Russell Suck!
She's All That (PG-13) (1999) 2 1/2 The coolest guy in school (Freddy Prinze Jr.) has the life until he is dumped by his ultra cool girlfriend. He takes on a bet to make any girl in the school Prom Queen. A funny movie witha tired plot, very predictable but ti had it moments.
Star Trek: Insurrection (PG) (1998) 3 Stars The Ninth Star Trek saga starring the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation (The TV Show). The crew are on a mission to capture their android coworker when they stumble upon a kind of perfect utopian society. The society becomes threatened by a foreign people.
There's Something About Mary (R) (1998) 3.5 Stars One of the funniest movies ever. Cameron Diaz is Mary and every man in the movie is in love with her. Ben Stiller is a guy who is suppose to go to the prom with her gets to her house and something happens and the date never happened. 10 years later, Stiller can't get Mary out of his mind so he sends a private eye Healy (Matt Dillon) to go find her.  Full Review
Velvet Goldmine (R) (1998) 1 .5 Stars Two young men start the 1970's Glam era in rock In England.  A movie based on David Bowie and Iggy Pop which has potential but gets boring.  Full Review
Very Bad Things (R) (1998) 2 Stars A dark and vicious movie about 5 guys who go to Vegas for  a Bachelor party where everything goes bad. People die lots of stuff happens and it is probably one of the most sick movies I've ever seen and it's a comedy. Personally, I laughed a few times but not enough to make it a good comedy. Good Idea, not great on the execution.
Waking Ned Divine (PG) (1998) 3 Stars A small town tries to claim the lottery for a dead man. Full Review
The Waterboy (PG-13) (1998) 1 Star Boring comedy about a 31-year old Waterboy (Adam Sandler) who takes out his pain of being picked on by joining a losing football team. Full Review

All Ratings are out of 4 stars. Reviews that say full review have been fully reviewed. Others are in the works. 

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