By Shaun

        Cryptic emotions run through every teen once they start an infatuation with a women who seems pretty, or well educated, but what reaction can one expect when a teen sees beauty for the first time. This is the case of Wes Anderson's quirky highly original comedy 'Rushmore," a luminous tale of confusion, friendship, and betrayal. Retrospectively I did not know what to expect from the trailer which I previewed, it looked like a battle between two guys over a women, then I thought where is the originality in that, it's childish. Childish is the opposite of the movie, I don't know if to claim it got deep, but I felt some meaning that commenced with a boy and he evolved into a man, much like Pleasantville this had intellectuality. it emphasized on what betrayal feels like, feeling empathy and grief to those victims, but it did have some laugh out loud moments, for this is a comedy that brings a new meaning in rivalry, as the main character puts it "War does funny things to men." This is a unique film that is just about flawless, almost all parts are enjoyably, we even enjoy the flabbergast antics to are conducted here, because they have intention and are done casually. To prove how this is a must see I will speculate.

        Enter a fantasy from our main character Max Fischer (Jason Schwartsman), he dreams not of girls and money, rather he dreams he does well in school and that all of his peers like him. The kid is just weird, but shines with charisma, he's geeky, has glasses, not too many friends, but he is the boss in some events. For recreation he gets involved and starts many extra curricular activities, which when he is done with those grueling obstacles there is no time for school, so he is failing every subject and is put on what the school calls sudden death academic probation. He attends the school Rushmore, it is a prep school, but Max suffers from poverty and is on scholarship from a second grade play he wrote about Watergate. His mother is dead, and his father is a barber, which Max is ashamed of, his main focus is writing and directing plays, being the president of all clubs, he has such a compromised way of putting things that people would think he is part of a peace process, acting sophisticated at times and lout at others. He is not hostile towards anyone unless you give him a reason to be violent, he has such a grim and mischievous smile, much like the devil, he grows on us and omit all his immaturity he seems like a nice guy. Max's best friend is Dirk Calloway (Mason Gamble), a cute little kid who played Dennis The Menace, he looks up to Max, they have a special bond between each other not keeping any lies and filling each other in on vital information. Max is loathed by the principle Dr. Guggenheim (Brian Cox) who refers to him as one of the worst students in the school, Max finds inspiration from one of the millionaire father Herman Blume (played nonchalantly by Bill Murray), his performance is genius and better get some recognition from the academy, although I felt nothing special about his performance in the beginning I now realize how witty it was. Herman also begins to like Max, he reminds him of himself when he was a kid, or maybe because he hates his twin sons who give him no respect, Herman like Max so much he is willing to lend him lots of money for school sites. Max has his eye on the immaculate first grade teacher Rosemary Cross (Olivia Williams), slowly he begins to fall in love with this sanctimonious women, he tries to do anything and everything to get her and gets very jealous when any guy seems to like her.

        Herman helps Max pursue Ms. Cross, little does he know that he is now in love with her, and once Max gets word of this, he declares war, trying to diminish Herman at all costs and in many ways. Max is such an artist at first, he is also a show off, his keen senses are on track, he can deceive almost anyone. The genius in the director is that he creates a character we are supposed to hate, when he finds out Mr. Blume is in love with Ms. Cross, but we still can help to cheer him on his quest of love. This film gets a little touchy, which is good to set the mood, and is funny, but not nonsense, all the sequences fit together like a puzzle. Max should work for Norm Mcdonald's business in Dirty Work, he'd be perfect, because when he is determined to get you, watch out.

        Schwartzman plays Max like a pro, even though this is his first acting gig, the same goes to the whole cast. Rushmore is a masterpiece of originality and capturing teen adolescence, you will leave the theater feeling good and smiling. I will now need to make a switch in my top ten of the year, take out Your Friends And Neighbors and put in Rushmore at number four. I tried not to give anything away, so I left out the best parts, I don't want to spoil why it gets deep or emphasize on how it does, it's therevelation. A beautiful one that should not be missed.

    Honker told me that this is reminiscent to The Graduate, the best picture he ever saw. I didn't see it yet but if it is in the same genre as Rushmore, I'm on my way to the video store.