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The Screening Room
(Weekend Predictions for November 19)

Two Films enter the arena this week:

The World is Not Enough (HSX Ticker: JB19)- The 21th installment of the highly successful 007 franchise. The money should keep coming. Look for around $25-28 million if this gets around 3000 screens. I mean c'mon is bond and Brosnan has been one of the best. Look at the last two:

                         Opening      Total
1995 Goldeneye            $26,205,007 $106,429,941
1997 Tomorrow Never Dies $25,143,007 $125,278,855

Goldeneye opened up this weekend in '95. TND opened up around Christmas a much different time period. Steady business, built in audience. A few hot women in Sophie Marceau and the beautiful Denise Richards. The hunt for the big money has truly begun.

Sleepy Hollow-(HSX Ticker: SLEPH)- Tim Burton brings Washington Irving's classic novel, "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" to the silver screen with Johnny Depp playing the lead man, Inspector Ichabod Crane. That first preview was very weak, but the latest preview with the new shots of The Headless Horseman look very cool. People I know have been asking about. Interest is high. The big problem is it's release with Bond The Screen-Eating Machine and a week after the release of Pokemon but if people wanna see it, they'll find it. Around 2800 screens $17-20 million sounds doable.

Note: I don't just dislike Pokemon, I hate it. It is a really dumb concept. I like anime but this is the bottom line scaled down, no story crap then Americanized. Ptewy!

Down with Pokemon


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