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    Snake Eyes is a movie which you saw to much in the previews. I kinda had a feeling this movie was gonna suck and I was right. This movie sucked, I mean blew the big one. Have you ever wanted to wish that you could have that two hours back you just wasted, well I wanted extra after seeing this movie.

     The movie starts out with Nicholas Cage being a wacked out cop who takes everything from bribes to women. He goes to watch a fight in his hometown of Atlantic City. He goes there to meet his best freind Gary Sinise. Gary Sinise is in charge of protecting the secretary of state. A thought: the characther the movie focuses on always happens to be a best friend or a family member of the bad guy. Then there is a big assasination and everything happens real slowly after that. The obviously stupid and slow Cage characther is led along on a stick by ten people with ten different stories. Of course there's a stupid woman who gets caught in the middle and needs to be saved.

    The movie has some good camera angles but otherwise it really sucked. This movie blew I give it half a star.
Snake Eyes

Written on August 9,1998.

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