(Short Review)

Iíve been hearing about Supernova for about a year now. I heard so many things. I heard it was terrible, horrible, boring, idiotic, cheesy and an $80 million dollar bust. These are all true. I have some adjectives to add like ridiculous, moronic, crappy, retarded, endlessly dull but in a funny way. The so-called plot involves a ship called Nightingale-5, an intergalactic ambulance, and its crew sometime in the future. James Spader stars as the renegade war pilot who is banished to this medical vessel. Angela Basset plays the lead doctor of the ship. Robin Tunney and Lou Diamond Phillips are her assistants.  It only works as a crappy looking movie with TV like special effects and few 80's burnouts as stars. The movie was a two hour long episode of a bad Sci-Fi series. . Itís not worth $9.00 but it might be worth going to on a Saturday night for a few chuckles at some second run theatre for a few bucks.

Rating: 1.25 Stars out of 4/ C-/ 29 out of 100
Reviewed By:  Joe Soria
Running Time: 90 Minutes
 Rated R for language, nudity, and sexuality

James Spader .... Nick Vanzant
Angela Bassett .... Kaela Evers
Robert Forster .... A.J. Marley
Lou Diamond Phillips .... Yerzy Penalosa
Peter Facinelli .... Troy Larson
Robin Tunney .... Danika Lund
Wilson Cruz .... Benjamin Sotomejor