Ben Stiller and Cameron Diaz n There's Somehting About Mary

There's Something about Mary- (Rated R for gross out- sickening humor)                 

        One of the funniest movies ever. Cameron Diaz is Mary and every man in the movie is in love with her. Ben Stiller is a guy who is suppose to go to the prom with her gets to her house and something happens and the date never happened. 10 years later, Stiller can't get Mary out of his mind so he sends a private eye Healy(Matt Dillon) to go find her. He finds her and decides not to tell Stiller, because he wants her. Stiller figures it out and goes to Florida to find her with his friend, played by Chris Elliott. He finds her and gets a date with her but there are others who want her and they all want to take each other out. That's a basic plot.

       This movie kicks so much @$$, it's incredible. During the movie I was laughing so hard I couldn't contain my flying body parts. I kicked the guy in from of me's head 3 times. I lost my food twice and my drink 3 times through my nose. I have seen it four times and it stills cracks me up. I also punched my uncle in the face and almost broke his nose, SORRY ROB. If you didn't see this movie, RENT IT WHEN IT COMES ON VIDEO. It kicks so much ASS!!!! Ben Stiller was great, Cameron Diaz is hot, the only negative to this movie is Matt Dillon, his characther was done bad even though it was funny. It was funny because Dillon portrayed the villain so badly. Anyway 3 1/2 STARS FOR ONE THE FUNNIEST MOVIES EVER TO BE RELEASED ON THE BIG SCREEN.

- Buscemifan