Frequency was frequently brillaint, enticing and enchanting 
 the film flowed like clouds though a clear sky 
 the script was weak on reality but strong on emotion 
 Quaid and Caviziel meshed together like a real father and son. Caviziel doesn't look 36 years old like it's said in the film 
 It's filled with action, suspense. INspirational, a true feel good film. Smart use of time and changing the past and future 
 oh cool 
 sorry can you hold on just one m ore sec?? 
 UNlike the aborion fest Cider House Rules, this movie has a true heart. 
 A film that was sappy but good. It probably worked due to the great mixture of true guy stuf in with the emotional stuff. The 69 World Series is a very emotional event for many sports fans. 

heartbreak emotional terror are just part of the ride that Frequency will give you 


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