Reviewed by Joe Soria

On Dec. 13. 1996,  a small time film called Scream was released by Miramax's horror division, Dimension. The film received a lukewarm reaction and  grossed of $6.3 million it's opening weekend. But in that same weekend it built an amazing word of mouth that would make it one of the most profitable horror film in years, finishing with a gross of $103 million dollars domestically. Little did the filmmakers know that they would spawn a plethora of copycats, invigorate a lost genre, and bolster the careers of all the people involved in the project. A year later the sequel came out. and it opened to a massive $33 million dollar. It didn't wow the crowds.  For the most part, it disappointed everyone including the fans of the original. Scream 3 is the final attempt to win these fans back to a genre back on a down slope. That pattern continues with this third and final part of the Scream trilogy.


     Scream's regular players that survived in the first two films come back for Scream 3. Neve Campbell, Live Schrieber, David Arquette, and Courtney Cox-Arquette return plus Jamie Kennedy puts in a magnificent cameo even though he was killed in Scream 2.

      Scream 2 began with two people being murdered while watching the film Stab, which is loosely based on the story from the original Scream You know, one of those movies inside the movie type thing. Scream 3 is centered around the filming of "Stab 3". I guess "Stab 2" was already made and did great in fake movie land. trouble begins when people from the cast of "Stab 3" and the people that they are portraying begin to be murdered in the same manner as in the films. so basically the films is a big behind the scenes joke with actors playing dumb actors and other actors in Scream 3 being portrayed by the actors playing actor. Make sense, who cares right!  

     Scream 3 is really nothing new. Watching it, I saw the film as a big, dumb joke. The joke is on the audience. They wanted to see how dumb they could make all the characters and how weak they can make the characters and still have an audience. The film has the obligatory music to fit the moods. You think everyone is the killer, you think everyone is going to die. The same old shit has been provided for the audience.


     The opening scene excels as a first rate intense opening but not the best of the trilogy. That distinction belongs to the original Scream's tremendous opening scene. Not going to ruin it for you. On the other hand, the closing scene is a fitting end to the trilogy bringing the series full circle and proving it's mediocrity by the end. Not going to ruin that either. It's all just the same contrived scenes where the killer is always in the shadows, or the room where the hunted is trying to hide, and  of course the killer is superhuman. The attempt in explaining this comes in the film in which a character describes the rules of the third film in a trilogy. The rules are that there are no rules and that the killer is superhuman. This leaves the writer a lot to go on.    

        There are just way too many characters around. There are the regulars then all the actors in "Stab 3", then there are the cops like Dempsey who plays the lead cop on the case of the murders. It's all just too much for 1 hour 45 minutes. It's all scrunched together which makes all the parts smaller. The whole Stab cast gives the movie absolutely nothing. The only slightly valuable contributors are Parker Posey and Deon Richmond (you might know him from the highly successful Trippin'). They provide minimal comic relief. Posey follows Cox around because she plays Gail in the latest "Stab" film. This is just another ploy  to try to make the film more interesting, you know make fun of it's own genre. It too fails in the end and by the end you're just waiting for Posey to get hers.  

With Scream 3, Miramax gets the final laugh all the way to the bank. A film full of unnecessary characters, dumb plot twists, and Courtney Cox is terrible in it also. She was a strong character in the first two in this one she's lost. The opposite is true for Campbell. Her character has gotten stronger as the series went on. Suprisingly, Cox has just got more annoying. Scream's trademarks and "edgy" techniques have become washed up and stale. It's unpredictability has become predictable. Too many characters, not enough screen time for these shallow individual characters, and the killer is always the guy you least expect. I mean c'mon. It has lost it's edge and thank G-d the Scream series has ended. The film has made it's peace.



coverCheck out The Scream 3 Soundtrack which features Creed, Static- X, and System of a Down and tons of other amazing bands.

Cast: David Arquette, Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox-Arquette, Liev Schreiber, Jenny McCarthy, Patrick Dempsey, Scott Foley, Parker Posey, Patrick Warburton
Written by: Ehren Kruger
Directed by: Wes Craven

Rating: *1/2 out of ****/ C/ 28 out of 100
Reviewed by: Joe Soria 
Running Time: 105 minutes
Rated R for strong violence and langage.

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