The Waterboy- Rated PG-13 for Sexual connotations and other things-

    Adam Sandler is Bobby Boucher, a 31-year old retorted waterboy with a stupid and horrible southern accent. In this movie he's playing a dummy, what he does best and what he does all the time. Anyway, he's a geeky waterboy who likes his job a little too much and loves his mama. he gets fired by one of the top teams in the country. He loves being a waterboy, or an H2O dispenser, so he joins up with a small college, SLSCU. The football team is a team of misfits. Then suddenly, after everyone makes fun of him, he snaps and tackles the quarterback. The coach wants him on the team but his overprotective mother (Kathy Bates) says no, "foosball is da devil". (Everything is the devil to her.) So he sneaks behind her back and plays football. His motivation is imagining all the people who have made fun of him. In his first game he gets like 16 sacks and he is still being made fun of. By the end, everyone loves him and the team is playing the team he was fired from. They go off head to head new team versus old team.

    I went into this movie with pretty high expectations. This is a sort of funny movie with almost no plot. What I got was a somewhat funny movie with absolutely no plot. Another absurd plot unlike the hilarious The Wedding Singer, in which the underestimated hero comes and saves the day. This is called the underdog formula and this is a bad version of this overused formula. Let’s make this simple: THIS MOVIE SUCKS THE BIG ONE. This movie is going to do extremely well while other good movies do badly and get shafted.The tackling scenes were funny and so was his retarded southern accent (for a couple seconds). Anyway I would give this movie about 1 out of 4 for about 2 minutes of comedy with a couple of funny jokes.

- Buscemifan