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        About 1/3 of 1999 has already appeared at theatres around the country and as usual, this has been a weak 1/3 of the year as usual. Last year, some of my favorite movies came out by now. My #1 movie was The Spanish Prisoner. Also featured in my top ten that had been released was Dark City. This little period will probably not provide my #1 movie again although you never know. I have been surprised by some of these movies. Movies I usually wouldn't like are up here. So what is my top ten of this year's dead months . This is as of April 9, 1999.

1. Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels- This movie was just awesome. I would call it Trainspotting with guns and without that cool toilet scene. The movie is sick and disgusting while being hilarious and cool. A great script and an amazing directing style by new comer Guy Ritchie. A good combination of all the right ingredients. My only 4 star movie of the year so far I would advise checking it out.

2. Go- As the title implies, this movie is always moving. Great performances to go with another great script. I like scripts a lot. For more on this movie check out my lengthy Go Review.

3. The Matrix- A sci-fi masterpiece with just great action. The only sci-fi movie to come out this year (Wing Commander doesn't count CMON) until the Big One, you know your waiting for it. Again I'll have to refer you to my 3 A.M. review of The Matrix and don't worry, there are no spoilers.

4. Payback- My fourth straight action movie I know. But I was definitely routing for the bad guy in this movie. I found a new respect for Mel Gibson after this movie after the dumb Lethal Weapon 4. Sorry I'm gonna refer you to my review again. Now I know what you are thinking, he keeps referring me to his reviews, what's the point of reading this thing. Well I haven't written reviews for the rest of these movies.

5. Analyze This- A very funny movie which proved that older people do see movies as long as there worthwhile. This movie is also for the kiddies. It is very funny and it is a good idea (although The Sopranos is much better than Analyze This even though it is a TV show). At points I was falling off my chair something I hadn't done since There's Something About Mary. A very worthwhile comedy.

6. Cruel Intentions- After 54, Ryan Phillipe only meant to me that a movie was bad. Well this movie disproves my Ryan Phillipe thesis statement. Even though it is a remake (I hate remakes), at least they remade something worthwhile Dangerous Liaisons. Phillipe takes on the Malkovich role very well. Sarah Michele Gellar and Reese Witherspoon also pitch in some good performances in this very good movie. One thing, the ending was one of the worst I've ever seen, although it was surprising and made me happy in a perverse sort of way. You know what I mean if you are a guy and you have seen this movie. The best of this year's teen movie barrage.

7. October Sky- I was very surprised how much I enjoyed this movie. I am usually bored by these type of dramas but this movie just kept my attention. The performances were great especially by Jake Gyllenhaal (I'm sure it is misspelled) and one of my personal favorite actors, not Steve Buscemi, but Chris Cooper. A nice wholesome good movie.

8. True Crime- Another shocker for me. I tried to avoid seeing it because I thought it was another Dead Man Walking. Although the plot was not original, Clint Eastwood and Isiah Washington put in great performances and Eastwood's direction was what really saved it from being another Dead Man Walking. Although contrived at points, it still added up to an enjoyable movie. Check out Shaun's review on this one.

9. Office Space- I was wavering on this one. This movie is very  funny based on an old Mike Judge (Beavis and Butthead) cartoon short. I still quote lines from it like " I'm going to set the building on fire." The characters are very memorable. This movie is the dream of every working man, to be able to be lazy and prosper. Mike Judge did a great job of writing and directing. I wish this did well so we could see a sequel to this smartly written movie. Hopefully, Judge will get another chance at live action, check this one out on video.

10. 20 Dates- I know many people hate this movie with a passion, most of them the people who went with me to see it. I also know that not many people saw this mock-umentary about a man who goes on 20 dates and films them. Myles Berkowitz writes, directs and stars. He is dorky, mean at times, but plays himself as persistent in what he wants from his movie. Even if some of the scenes were staged it was still really funny. His run ins with his crazy producer Eli, who just
wants to make money and for Myles to finish the freaking movie and his agent were especially funny.

Honorable Mention

10 Things I Hate About You-A very funny teenage movie set in a modern remake of Shakespeare's The Taming of The Shrew. Also had a good, young cast. It was funny although not new in any way. It just had a nice feel and some good things in it.

Cookie's Fortune- This was the last movie I had seen in this period and I thoroughly enjoyed all it had to offer. I know it is slow but it is funny and the cast was not only good but they all acted the parts close to perfection. Altman pulls another good movie out of his bottomless pit of them. I will have a review up soon for this. Check out Shaun's in the meantime.

Let me add in one HSX tidbit so I can say I wrote about HSX stuff. THRWR and THRTN are still way too low no matter what you say. ARLIN should not be under 30 and at it's current price of 15 I think it insults this movie. I finally saw The Shawshank Redemption and I loved it can't wait for Robbins in ARLIN. STRWR who cares, AMPIE is gonna take its weekend easy!!!!

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