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Updated May 28, 1999

   2 major releases this weekend. It is a four day weekend with memorial day on Monday. For HSXers that's a 2.5 multiplier on those grosses.

    Notting Hill (NHILL)- Looks like a big opener. Tons of buzz on this one for months and almost all of it is good. 2745 screens . It has Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. My Best Friend's Wedding grossed close to $100 million last summer and this movie will look to do that as a top notch romantic comedy again. There haven't been a lot of good ones out lately. Look for around 23 million here over the 4 day weekend. That means an adjust around 62 is a reality, I think it is a short but I'll probably stay away.

    The 13th Floor (THRTN)- This movie hasn't had good promotion. The reviews have been on the mediocre side. There's no way it will be better than The Matrix or even do 1/4 of The Matrix's business especially with that Star Wars movie taking a lot of money. The Matrix had no competiton. The Matrix also had around 2700 screens for its well promoted opening with that cool looking bullet shot. The 13th Floor is getting 1815 screens and not good promotion. This movie could pick up close to 8 million for the 4 day weekend. The movie should multiply to around 18. Another one that is too close to call.

    Summer Predictions are coming this week!


Rank Movie Amount (in millions)
1. Star Wars : Episode I



Notting Hill


The 13th Floor

4. The Mummy $7.5
5.. Entrapment $4.1
6. The Matrix $1.7
7. The Love Letter $1.2
8. Midsummer Night's Dream $1.5
9. Never Been Kissed $1.2
10. Life .9
11. Election .9

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