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        If I call Doug Liman’s masterpiece "Go" vibrant it would be an understatement, maybe thrilling, jolts of trendy accurateness excitement, a ride that does not slow down for grandma, simultaneously funny and extravagant, three segments that are the most hip crafted scenes since 1994’s classic "Pulp Fiction". A wild romp on the wicked side of fun, open to perception and opinion, a truly audacious film that will gouge your eyes out and embrace the rave generation with an entertaining story. By the time the film was half way, in it’s prime, I felt as if it were made for me, it had all the qualities that I love in a film, a hip soundtrack, reminiscent (but disparate) to "Pulp Fiction without plagiarizing, amusing predicaments, exploitation of young fresh talent, car chases, sex, nudity, and violence. A movie directed to perfection, if it was not for Mr. Liman’s direction and photography I think this film’s talent would be reduced, his dexterity to bring out the story and flash the lights at us is amazing. The opening credit sequence was one of the best I’ve ever seen, the music was another aspect of this film’s highpoints, and these desperate group of people were so interesting that it was fun to cheer for their winnings. This film is not flawed in any way, I just feel bad for it because every critic out there is blaming it for being a spires like "Pulp Fiction", but I believe "Go" is in a whole new ballpark, the color is more bright and vigorous , the situations are not as professional but they do have that trashy spark that gives it life. "Pulp" gave us moments of intensity and heart stopping predicaments, "Go" is on the lighter side, there really is much to contrast between the two, such as the conversations, in "Go" they were very belittled and brief, it had more interaction, "Pulp" emphasized more on their chats. Tarantino work can be seen splashed here, but I got the feeling that it was done unintentional and it tried to bring forth something innovational, it’s called fishing, trying not to get the crowd off the hook, get their attention for the full length of running time. I loved how the plot intertwines for every characters pleasure, it is just high voltage sanctuary for Gen-x.

        The film’s formal ground all revolves around a warehouse party called Mary X-mas, some sort of warehouse rave thing, the film is seen from the perception of three different individuals, the first being Rona (Sarah Polly). Rona is a cynical and unhappy person, she despises her job at the supermarket and standing in life, on top of all of that she needs 380 dollars or she will be evicted from her apartment, out of the entire film she sustains the most charisma. The second perception stands from the viewpoint of Simon (Desmond Askew), the British small time drug dealer/supermarket attendant who is desperately trying to go to Vegas for the weekend with his mates and needs someone to carry his shift. The third is from two soap opera actors Adam and Zach (Scott Wolf and Jay Mohr), they are looking to get a clean slate from the authorities on drug charges, all they need is a scapegoat to pin the blame on, help the cops get the drug dealers until they reach the top of the chain.

        Rona takes Simon’s ship which will enable her to get the money in order to avoid eviction, Simon will be able to go to Vegas with his buddies Martcus (Taye Diggs) and Tiny (the wannabe black man Breckin Meyer), and Adam and Zach who normally buy ecstasy drugs from Simon have Rona to buy from and get their clean slate. All characters looking for a salvation, the entire film you are begging they get it.

        Once Rona agrees to score some ecstasy for Adam and Zach she has to go to take a big leap in the drug supply chain and go to get it from Todd (Timothy Olyphant) a serious and strange dealer. Her best friends Claire (Katie Holmes) and Mannie have to tag along for the next stop is the party.

        I do not want to get into Simon’s segment for his is the funniest and wildest, lets just saw he gets into deep trouble in a strip club, and gets in deeper then he can handle.

        Adam’s and Zach’s had a funny regiment of it’s own, plus Mohr and Wolf had great chemistry together. They work for a cop named Burke (William Fitchner) and learn that if you give a little you get a little.

        All characters had ample screen time, and the humor was flowing at full speed, the dialogue was fresh and felt alive, not glum and somber like some other films out there, I especially loved "Go" for it’s honesty and integrity, it did not veer off and show us scenes that could not be made possible. A masterpiece in it’s trend and timeline, with ambiguous characters and funky settings. I enjoyed every moment of "Go" and did not want it to end, I wanted the longevity to proceed, by the time it was over I could not wait to see it again. Outrageous and unbelievable this is the film to beat come the end of the year, Doug Liman has depicted the perfect night, it began at 3 am. As many critics are now saying "do not pass go". I rarely do this but I’m gonna give this film….


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