The Matrix

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By: Shaun

Last year with the mind blowing "Dark City", and this year with the enigmatic visual phenomenon "The Matrix" the sci-fi genre has reached it’s pinnacles, after a long era of prejudice feelings towards it these two films have revived my interest. This is a movie where you need to question reality, question yourself, are you tasting what you are eating, or maybe it is the Matrix that is telling you it tastes good, what happens when your world is beautifully synchronized to fool you so that no one will ever know the truth. These questions can drive one insane, well put your mind into hydraulic gear because this movie will make you think and insert some feelings of paranoia into your bloodstream. The Wachowski brothers have a bright future ahead of them after this sly masterpiece, they have the talent to juxtapose action and science fiction, merge the two and convey the matter of a synthetic world created by "agents", into a battle for the future of mankind and reality. How can you separate the truth from a dream, is the world you live in a fantasy created by a superior race? Contemplate these frightening questions and then throw in some astonishing (perhaps the best ever) visual effects, with some John Woo action sequences, and the most amazing karate battles that are blended in with techno music, you’re about half way to what this movie’s capacity sustains. By now I’m sure you are saying "that’s great Shaun, now tell us what the hell The Matrix is already!", well sorry guys but I cannot spoil the plot of the movie for you because it is so stimulating you have to see it for your self (plus it is too complex, but by the end of the film you should comprehend it’s definition), or maybe you should find a red pill to take.

This film introduces you to a whole new world, it redefines the boundaries of creation and what you are forbidden to know, some of it is a little hard to understand, such as the motives of these "agents", but by the end everyone should have their own little theory on what happens. The isolation from reality is frightening, we are not allowed to know the truth, and it is not paranoia, or is it.

Known during day time as Thomas Anderson, but at night he uses the alias Neo (Keanu Reeves) when he is a hacker on the computer, breaking every computer rule, he is a computer genius, he has his own illegal business from this. One night as he wakes up from his sleep, someone has taken over his computer and leaves a message, "The matrix has you" it proposes, next it reads follow the white rabbit, surely enough there is a knock on the door and a customer with a white rabbit tattoo has offered Mr. Anderson to go with him to a nightclub. Mr. Anderson follows and in this nightclub he meets Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss), a warrior against these "agents", Neo is dying to know what is the matrix, but the answer is not too far away for he is the messiah, the chosen one supposedly, he is the man that will save the world. Trinity later on takes Neo to meet the mystique leader of a resistance towards the agents, named Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne), from there I cannot proceed for it is the exploitation of what the matrix is. This film allows you to be inquisitive, do not believe everything you see for it might be a dream, or it might be a dream within a dream, this film makes you think, although there is lots of eye candy scenes of action that are some of the best I have seen, the style and how these scenes are devised is praiseworthy. The originality is lacking a bit but the concept has not been used out so it still seems fresh and more intriguing then ever, the acting is not Oscar worthy, but it’s not atrocious, most of the performances are rather good, Keanu is not as bad as some say he is. "The Matrix" is not a rip off of last year’s "Dark City", this film is explosively smart and mind bending, while "Dark City" is poignant and quiet. I am more then satisfied when the guns were blazing and the karate was punching, I do not believe it is amateurish to have a showdown instead of an elaborate ending, let the audience have some fun and make up their own minds on what happened.

This will remain in my retina for a while, it has left an engraved mark in my brain that I will not forget by the end of the year, when I entered the theatre I had no clue that I was about to witness a true science fiction classic. I am certain that I will go back for seconds, the special effects are worth admission price alone, true sci-fi fans will not be disappointed and neither will non sci-fi devotees. Well as Morpheus says early on in the film, "Nobody can understand what the matrix really is, you have to see it", do not miss this film.


P.S. If you are confused about what the matrix is you can Email Me  I will be gald to answer any questions

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