Lost And Found

By: Shaun

        A lot of you may disagree when I reveal that this is a good movie, the plot may be worn out and desecrated on but here the acting and witty script revive this bad replica of almost every other movie that is being released now a days. David Spade is an enormously great entertainer and can make you laugh till you spew from joy, he carries large quantities of charisma and has a bag full of jokes. The humor used in this film tries to be grotesque and stomach sickening just like this summer’s "There’s Something About Mary", it attempts to insert some Farrelly noir, which it does (Hell the dogs in both movies practically get the same treatment) to a certain extent, this film is a bit more demure and conservative. A feel good little quirky comedy that will have you rooting and laughing from it’s topic of man trying to impress a women, and vindictively punish her ex-fiancée. When Spade holds a personal vendetta against anyone you know as you watch, it will be at least mildly entertaining, the SNL veteran has got what it takes to please an audience. Trust me, many films out there may be detrimental to your brain from their stupidity, so do not be intimidated from this one, for in my eyes it is a success, that is if you are a David Spade fan and like Sophie Marceau’s amazing body. Oh yea, another reason to see this is if you are in the mood for a light comedy that tickles your funny bones. Do not plunge yourself into this movie because there are some better ones out there such as "Go", "Matrix"….., rather go if you have some time on your hands and want to have a few laughs. When Spade senses vulnerability or weakness, he exploits, he has a witty retort for everything, and always finds the right thing to say at the right time. An innocuous film that is surprisingly witty and rather sharp, then again a film has to be really intolerable if I dislike it. Well if you go to this with real low expectation there is a huge chance you will be very surprised that this film carried such substance and likeable characters, nothing subtle (I’m sure no one is expecting it to be), but it is very tolerable, I really enjoyed it.

        Meet Dylan Ramsey (David Spade) an L.A expert, semi successful restaurant owner who has just been dumped by his girlfriend right before he was going to dump her, he is a sarcastic screwball who is searching for the right women. His restaurant is also not in top-notch shape, he only has "a oven on life support" and some pretty clumsy waiters, he desperately needs a bank loan, which is denied, because he has no collateral. His house is peachy and his new female European neighbor is a complete knockout, she is Lila Dubois (Sophie Marceau), and the second his eyes keen on her it is love at first sight, Dylan is devoted to get Lila to recognize him. Alas he has a plan how to veer her attention away from playing the cello and giving lessons, he will steal her beloved dog, Jack. This is a full proof plan because it is very normal for her dog to run away, so when she will go out looking for him, Dylan will assist in the search, and the two will be spending quality time together. This way she will begin to like him, and at the end of every search he will return her dog and be the hero.

        One event which disables Dylan to return Jack to Lila is when his best friend Mark gives him a ring to hold for his wife’s anniversary, the dog spots this prey and when Dylan is not around Jack eats the ring. So Dylan has to wait until Jack’s excretory system is in function and release dog manure, and hopefully in the dog’s dung will lie Mark’s valuable ring. During all this time Dylan discovers that Lila’s ex-fiancée is in town and wants to win her heart back. This fiancée is the egotistical, demeaning, womanizing, rich and talented Frenchman Renee (Patrick Bruel), now Renee has joined Lila and Dylan on the expedition to find Jack, and from here the two go into competition over how is more charming.

        In the film’s process we meet a few amusing characters such as Wally, the fat restaurant worker who is obsessed with Dylan and wants to be ‘literally’ exactly like him, he emulates from Dylan and has his share of comedic moments. John Lovitz and Martin Sheen each have cameos, which are pleasant. The film’s highpoints is the bonding between Dylan and Jack the dog, Dylan speaks to him as if he were human, well that is exactly how he treats him, giving him pedicures and manicures. All of this trouble to pursue the girl of his dreams, Dylan, unlike Renee, wants all of Lila’s dreams to come true, he gives boosts to her self esteem and makes her both laugh and smile.

        Well to top off al this good feeling and energy inside you by the end of the film, the credits has the entire cast dance to the song "Groove Is In The Heart", a very amusing sequence that is exactly like in "There’s Something About Mary".


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