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Updated March 26

EdTV (EDTV)-Nice Screen count (2627) good word of mouth and some star power behind it should do about 14 million dollars. Review here of EdTV by Shaun.

Mod Squad (MDSQD)-  Nice Screen count (2290) but bad word of mouth, and a really bad movie( I saw it it wasn't good.) This will get the teens and the ones looking for an action pic, although it has no action (really boring). Look for around 8 million

Doug's 1st Movie (DOUG)- What an inventive title!!! A cartoon movie based on a dumb cartoon which Ive watched and slept through. Another good screen count and has more of an audience than The King and I. Look for around 6-7 mill here.

Rank Title Estimate (in millions)
1. EDtv $13.8
2. Forces Of Nature $9.2
3. Mod Squad $8.5
4. Analyze This $8.1
5. Doug's 1st Movie $6.8
6. Shakespeare In Love $4.0
7. True Crime $3.4
8. Baby Geniuses $2.7
9. Cruel Intentions $2.1
10. The King and I


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