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Updated April 16,1999

I wrote a whole long column and it got deleted don't feel like writing it again. Here's a little summary:

LIFE (LIFE)- 2600 screens, good reviews, and I saw it it was good. Also if you saw last weeks numbers you'll see Foolish (a 300 screen African American comedy) cracked the top ten. That means there's a demand for a comedy especially with Eddie Murphy in it. Look for at least 13 million here.

Goodbye, Lover (GDBYE)- Around 900 screens, bad reviews, and not really big names. NO ELLEN DEGENERES IS NOT A STAR. Don Johnson has a little part. Not too much here. Less than 2 million here.

Rank Movie Amount (in millions)
1. The Matrix $17.4
2. Life $13.8
3. Never Been Kissed $7.8
4. GO $3.9
5. Analyze This $3.7
6. The Out-Of-Towners $2.9
7. 10 Things I Hate About You $2.8
8. Goodbye, Lover $1.9
9. Forces of Nature $1.8
10. Doug's 1st Movie $1.8

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