Goodbye Lover
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By: Shaun

I love twisted enigmatic movies but not just any will suffice for me, it needs to flow constantly and not show irrelevant scenes that do not contribute to a movie’s persona, the film’s pieces need to fit nicely in designated pieces. A disappointing film is one that starts well and then slopes downwards only to be redeemed in the end, one goes to the theatre to be entertained, well that is what critics are for, to warn you. If you want to see a bad replica of the far superior "Wild things" then by all means go see this movie, but if you are not into copious amounts of sex scenes which you can get for five dollars on the street then you should have seious doubts about going to this one. Every movie has it’s flaws, the only thing is after so many the movie is scarred and worthless, I am not saying that this film is horrible, but it is definitely disappointing, with such a talented and ensemble cast I figured how can it go wrong, especially with that enticing trailer. The sex scenes were inventive and well crafted, especially seeing Patricia Arquette get into the action, the plot was pretty predictable to those familiar in the genre, the only surprise is in the beginning and the end. I love that ending, so prevaricated, throws you off the track and gives a devilish grin to you lips, and if only the hole movie could have had more scenes like that it would have been great. The acting was also really good especially Arquette and Don Johnson, if it weren’t for this great cast this film would have been horrid, I have nothing against mediocrity as long as the film does not look so tempting as seductive, it brings you into bed for a wild time, then just when you think this is it, nap time. I liked the directors use of camera angels and the scenery of elegance was very well done, but obstacles were thrown at you so fast we do not have a chance to retaliate. The story was not well thought out and actually a little whack out of proportion, there is mischief with no fun, parts in this movie that are too unrealistic arrive just in a time when you are hoping for a sense of realism.

Ben Dunmore (Don Johnson) a wealthy firm owner is having an affair with his brother’s wife Sandra (Patricia Arquette), Sandra is very seductive and extremely sexy, supple ass, firm legs, the usual blonde bombshell, she is also a sex haven nymph. Sandra wants to live out all of her sexual fantasies, she deals expensive real estates and before the customers come for an appointment, Ben and Sandra have an appointment of their own inside the houses. Ben’s brother, Jake (Dermot Mulroney), is a rabid alcoholic who makes drinking a hobby, he works in his brothers firm and is lousy at it because he is always intoxicated.

I want to dwell more on Sandra’s odd but exquisite personality, she loves tight clothing and is very free spirited, yet she helps the church out any way she can, maybe to redeem herself from the sexual infidelity acts she is committing. She is a sex nymph who loves all kind of weird shit, such as wigs, straps, handcuffs, in one scene while Ben is practicing the piano in church Sandra arrives with a disc she inserts into the piano so the church symphony overpowers the sound of her orgasms. She listens to soul developing tapes of those spiritual deprived seminars and memorizes every word, too add on to these peculiar activities she has a soundtrack to the film "The Sound Of Music" and sings all the songs as if she were a child. I really enjoyed watching Sandra scheme and plan out some plans that did not pull off too much interest, but she looked cool doing it.

The plot consists of Ben finally getting a grip of morality and ethics decides to stop seeing Sandra, for his brothers sake, Ben wants something real such as one of his firm’s workers Peggy Blaine (Mary Louise-Parker), they have an affair and end up falling in love, this agitates Sandra plenty. Sandra ends up telling her husband about her affair with his brother, this drives Jake suicidal. I cannot say what happens but Ben ends up falling form a building as he attempts to help his brother. Ben was heavily insured through his company and the beneficiary from his death will be Jake. That is where to detectives enter, Rita Pompano(Ellen DeGeneres) and Rollins (Ray McKinnon), Rita is your womanly tough and cynical cop, while Rollins is the naīve and gullible one.

Basically this is a movie that if you have nothing else better to do it is alright if you see, or maybe you should just preview it for Sandra’s ravishing character, although the film does leave some holes open I am glad it did not cover them, not too hollow yet not too full. "Goodbye Lover" is just another descent film passing by.


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